Electrolysis, Dry rot And Corrosion,
Oh My.
"Know thy' enemy". Learn what perils your new saltwater pontoon faces and how to defend against them.
Got All the Facts, Ready For Your Dream Boat?
Let find the right boat for you. Your dream boat awaits.
"A Picture Says A Thousand Words"
Take a look at our image gallery and see the difference with your own eyes. is your one and only source for true saltwater pontoon boats. We carry the only full line of  "NO WOOD = NO ROT!" pontoon boats purposely engineered to not only survive, but thrive in a harsh saltwater environment. Unsatisfied with so-called "saltwater pontoons" that would quickly succumb to Poseidon's wrath we knew we had to build a product that would endure the severe conditions of a saltwater environment . After years of research and development teamed up with the world best boat manufactures to provide you with the ultimate saltwater pontoon boats. From all composite decks, to high grade stainless steel fittings and upholstery designed to withstand the sun and mildew, You won’t find a better quality, higher performance, more durable, saltwater pontoon boat anywhere in the world. Affiliates
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