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SaltWater Pontoons have been built in Tampa Bay Florida in the same location for over 27 years, and have always been designed for use in the Gulf of Mexico.  Our pontoon boats are the only full line of "NO WOOD = NO ROT!" pontoon boats purposely built for harsher saltwater conditions.  After seeing firsthand what happens in Florida, to the typical “lake” pontoons built up North, we knew we had to build a product that would stand up to the harsher Saltwater conditions as well as the sub Tropical heat and weather.  Our boats are plain and simple tough, and are different from the bottom up.  We use common sense materials that withstand the extreme conditions of our area.  From all composite decks, to high grade stainless steel fittings and removable upholstery designed to withstand the sun and mildew, You won’t find a better quality, higher performance, more durable, value priced pontoon boat anywhere in the world. (Plus the best customer service in the industry!)
SaltWater Pontoons
Our pontoon boats are available in both Fiberglass hulls and Aluminum hulls, and can be laid out as Cruise, Fish and custom models.   We have the experience and ability to build you exactly the boat you need and want, for a price that is consistent with many “Lake” pontoon boats.   Our Florida built pontoon boat line is built by artisans, and is sold worldwide with boats in use in waters all over the world.  Our boats have been used for years by governmental, law enforcement agencies and commercial entities because of their toughness and durability in saltwater conditions.   Take a few moments and look at our site and see for yourself why our Pontoon Boats are the pride of owners worldwide.

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Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Telephone: +1 727-841-8811
FAX: +1 727-841-8693

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We are located in Tampa Bay, Florida and are the only Pontoon Manufacturer located anywhere on the Coastline of the United States!  It only stands to reason that we make the only SaltWater Pontoons!

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